Friday, March 9, 2012

long time no see

So much to share with you guys!
two weeks ago I had a performance in Jerusalem Theater, it was a great one :) here are some photos from back stage...

 I was wearing- H&M jumper, S.waer tights 

Scary, doesn't it...? ;)
Geass what?? last week week it snowed in Jerusalem after four years! and even in the last snow four years ago I've been aboard, so I missed snow so bad! 
here it how it seem from my house door-

in thursday we celebrated Purim, my favorite holiday! I was a mermaid :)

 a Forever 21 glittery top 

in Purim's night, this is how I went to a party, inspired by Black Swan...

 H&M corset and blazer

I don't know if I've told you, but I'm a magician assistent :) some photos of my last work day

hard day.... 

in one of the ilusions :) (burning cage)

And finally. FOOD ;)
this week I made a special chilly rice recipy wich I made up with my friend something like two or three years ago, and since then we can't stop make it.. I'm telling you, it will be for generations! 
I photographed all the process for you guys :)

 chop bell pepper, and add to it corn
  pour them into a frying pan
  season with solt, pepper, and paprika
  add sweet chilly
  meantime make the rice
  when it ready pour the mixture into the rice pot, or on the contrary
 add walnuts
 Bon Apetite :)

of course we must have dessert!!


MalibuMara said...

Im obsessed with the makeup in these photos and that one blue and gold outfit!
Love your blog :)


inĂªs said...

you look so pretty in every pic! ♥

Gabriele said...

all of that looks so fun! love the pics of the snow in jerusalem! You are so pretty, love your hair in the mermaid pics! :)
Much love, Gabriele. xx

Mr J said...

Amazing photos! Wow, I want to go to Jerusalem so bad! Love the food pics :P

DailyGlamour said...

nice hair style !