Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 4

(day 4: your parents)

So, I'm inlove with my perents. I feel I have so much luck to be born to this supporting worm and loving family...
My fother is Moshe, he's the most amazing person that I think axists in this world, he's insanely loving, humble, funny and a great dad! 
My mom is Iris and she's my best friend in the whole world! I tell her EVERYTHING and she's aslways supportive and helpfull. 
When I was seven my perents told me and my sister that they're about to devorse. in second grade we moved to two different houses... 
Now, my dad is married to Efrat, and they have tow 4 months old children.
I live with them both, they live right next to each other and they are good freinds :)

 me and my dad
 my beautiful mom

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