Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 2

(day 2: meaning behind your blog name)

Well, at first when I opened the blog I didn't really knew how to call it.   I wanted light, flowing, and memorable name, but couldn't find a name that really fits me. Then I started thinking of things that describe me, recognized with me. At first I wanted to call it Yaya - one of my nicknames, But it didn't felf right for me, and I kept thinking ... I thought about how I see myself, and what represents me in my mind, and so I came up with the spring- my favorite season. Of course I was born in the spring, but it's not what makes me love it the way I do.  Spring represents to me a new beginning, growth, pure, white, joy, and hope. After the sucks and boring winters, the spring is kind of savior for me! So I consider myself sort of a springirl :)
Also when I opened it, I knew the blog will be about fashion and stuff, but I did not know exactly what about and how I'll write it. Mainly I thought I would write my opinions about fashion and so on ... So I called it, just in case, Springirl Opinion ;)

Now, for another thing, What did you guys did in the Valentine's day last week?
I, before the celebrations with my boyfriend, finally dyed my hair the way I wanted :) So this is me NOW -

I have a new Love and it called Instegram Inspiration. I find there amazing things -

And now for some FOOD :) last week i've been at the BUFFALO restraunt and ate this -

Have a great evening, and fabulous week :)


inês said...

thanks :)
you're so pretty ♥

Mr J said...

Amazing photos! Love the name :D

Arden said...

You look great with lighter hair!! xx

DailyGlamour said...

Humm Yummy things here !

Raquel said...

amazing photos and food ahah
nice blog. follow me and i follow you