Wednesday, April 6, 2011


CASTRO are showing us creative ways to wear this dress:

שמלת טיוב - אפשרות 1

שמלת טיוב - אפשרות 2

שמלת טיוב - אפשרות 3

שמלת טיוב - אפשרות 4

I love the most the third style, what way do you like the most?
(I could think of some nicer ways to wear it...)


mjaguilera said...

That dress is stunning! I think the second option is my favorite, so classy! Thanks for the comment :)

Francesca said...

oh I love them all! I cant decide.. I think the tube top style is my fave

Antonia said...

love all the ways but third is my fav!

tnQ for your cmnt. :)

hoping to see you more on our blog! :)

TOPCOAT said...

i love them all, this is amazing!! xx