Friday, April 22, 2011

Amazing week!

I had an amazing week, especially the last two days!
in Wednesday I went with a friend to Tel Aviv, we spent the hole day in Alenbi St. and in the Carmel Market and we bought so many cool things I wish I could show you right now if only I had my camera here... I'd love to show you it to you when I'll be able if it won't be too late :\
Yesterday I participated the production of Photographers as a model. I took part in the same production last year with the same other model which is my friend. In the production took part 50 photographers who took photos of us and of another model.
We've been in the old city and in the port of Arce.
It was so much fun to be Photographed by  something like 20 photographers at least at the same time just like in last year.
I'll get the photos little at a time from all the photographers, and I'd love to show you as many of them as I'll could.
For now you can see the first photos I got from two different photographers.


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yamilla said...

thank you for the great comment! you look stunning!

Luisa said...

nice pictures you are gorgeous and pretty cool you are from Israel never seen any israelian blog before so keep it up ;)