Friday, January 21, 2011

Black Swan

Right at this moment i've finished watching the movie "Black Swan".
The movie has'nt released yet in Israel, but my dance teacher sent us a link to the movie download for free.
I don't dance ballet, but other styles such as hip hop, modern, freestyle and more...
The movie truly affected me as a dancer  because Natalie Portman, as a ballet dancer whose get the lead role in the play "Swans Lake", is going through a difficult and complex process, when she needs to learn how to play two roles: the White swan, and the Black swan.
Both roles are very extreme and requires intensive work, physical and mentally, of the dancer. It takes out all of your forces and make you deal with amotions you've never felt before.
I've read that Portman danced almost the hall dance scenes in the movie by herself, except for the septions she had to stand for a long time in point, and I must say that's very impressive!
In conclusion I highly recommend the movie, especially for dancers, It's exciting.

Have a good night,


Gen said...

I will definetely see "Black Swan" because Natalie Portman is one of my favourite actresses and I´m quite interested in ballet.

yarden said...

Natalie Portman is amazing in this movie and of course- nomenated for the Oscar as the best main actor, definetely deserves it.