Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm drowning in sea of shoes

Hello Springirls!
Well I've been looking in this blog for a long time and I could not decide whether I like it or not. Probably the blogger is a shoes addict, becouse this is her roome:

No wonder her blog called SEA OF SHOES!! I admit that it's every girl's, maybe even some boy's, dream. In her posts she shows outfits with her shoes. I liked many shoes, but I'm afraid she got bored from all of the shoes she've got and... that's the results:

But as I said, I did like several pairs. Take a look...

The last pair is my favorite. it's Miu Miu's shoe, and I've seen it before in my current favorite blog- PANDORA

Louise Ebel Pandora <!  :fr  >2010 in Pictures Pt I.<!  :  ><!  :en  >2010 in Pictures Pt I.<!  :  >

So have a great night, and don't buy too many shoes so you won't get a Shoe Addiction!!

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Miyan said...

i love sea of shoes blog. i only wish i had half as many shoes as she did.....