Monday, January 30, 2012

What's New?

Lately I always feel a need for changes, I wonder why....
But meantime, untill I'll find out, I'm doing some little changes :)

I started from something small, and changed the style of my room. (not really, only a few shelfs...)

And than I couldn't hold it anymore, and dyed my hair.

Just for the protocol, it's supposed to be honey-brown. I'm NOT redhead. (!!!)


Mr J said...

Love how your room looks! So organized and cool. Your hair is awesome, it's so long and well cared! Thanks for visiting my blog, following!

ATW said...

thanks for your comment!
you are incredibly beautiful!
i'm definitely following your blog!
i would be happy if you followed back! :)
xxx love

CC said...

You've got one of my favorite perfumes... Good taste ;) haha

Lara Shane said...

i really love your blog and i love that shelves :D

RaspberryBlonde said...

Lady million! I have the same perfume, smells so good!
And your hair looks great!

CC said...

Now following :) Feel free to follow back :) xoxo

RochellekeCloset said...

You are so pretty! following your blog hope you visit mine too ;-)