Sunday, March 20, 2011

Geek shik

Purim has finally arrived!
Purim is the holiday I'm waiting for all year long. I love the costumes and the fun mood of those days!
Last year my Boyfriend and I were Hensel and Gretel and this year we were Geeks :)
This Purim was so much fun! it's not over yet but the most of the fun was in the past weekend.
In Thursday at school we dressed up and then me and my boyfriend went to the beach in Tel Aviv. At the night I went out with my friends to an amazing Purim party, and finally at Suterday night I went out with my Boyfriend to a Party :) Yeah, Lots of lots of lots of fun!

Happy Purim, celebrate as much you can :)


Luca said...


Start dreaming on

Christina said...

Wow,you are waaaaaay too beautiful!

TOPCOAT said...

You are looking gorgeous dear, love you and your boyfriend together!! xx