Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last week I've been in Yad Vashem with my school. It was a very strong experience, although i've been there twice before.
This time it was harder becouse when you older, you're allowed to see the shocker things, like videos of the bodies that found in the end of the war.
It's really important for me to know about the past of my people, although it's very imotional and hard experience to go through.

Of course the photo had been take before the tour :P
what I was wearing: jacket- Roni's, lattice- H&M, Jeans- TNT, boots- Aldo


Miyan said...

hi, just discovered your blog & think its lovely!

i also live in israel, in tel asashim, in the north. i have been to yad veshem and it really was a tough experience, but a museum i think most people should visit. very educational.

anyways, i am friends with some other israeli bloggers and think it would be fun to host a blogger meet-up! have a drink and chat about our shared hobby - blogging & exchange stories.

let me know if you would be interested!


yarden said...

אני חושבת שזה רעיון נהדר, אפשר לעשות את זה מתישהו .. :) תודה רבה, המשך יום נפלא!